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A hypnokink podcast: Join us -- sleepingirl and cckitten -- as we have a few drinks, talk shop on erotic hypnosis and kink, and do some trance in every episode! Learn something new, laugh along with us, get some valuable perspective and ideas... And hear for yourself what makes our play so hot. This content is 18+ and NSFW! Updates every other FRIDAY. Support us on Patreon to get access to sexy extra content like our more explicit After Hours trances at

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    Hypnotically Enhanced Games

    1) We've been playing a lot of video games recently, and we're going to stream some fun hypnosis games! 2) Let's discuss what kinds of enhancements, alterations, and generally interesting and fun things you can do as someone playing a game (video or tabletop), and how to approach that thought process of brainstorming ideas! This applies to more than just games, too!

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    Playing with Gender

    Gender: an identity, a persona, a construct, a feeling, a sensation, and so much more. Playing with gender can be a really intense thing for a lot of people and it encompasses more than we might expect... and it can be so, so sexy. (The trance in this one is very special, and followed by an extra-long special sequel in the Patreon-exclusive After Hours.)

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    Auditory Triggers (And Other Things)

    Sound is a big part of what we do with hypnosis, even if you're not necessarily talking to your partner; it's a sense that can be engaged, something that can trigger or create powerful memories or experiences. Let's dig into a few ways we use our sense of hearing in trancey fun times.

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    Long Distance Hypnosis

    There's a world of difference in how you trance with someone when they're in the room with you versus over video, voice, or text. Let's explore some of the uniqueness of all of these methods and talk about some of the things you can do to connect with your partner over a distance.

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    For a lot of people, achieving some kind of hallucination in hypnosis can feel like a barrier, or a long-term goal: we talk about different kinds of hallucinations, how we're able to do the thing, and some ideas around things that make it easier, more intense, more versatile, and more fun.

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    Resistance is Futile

    What is sexier than someone "trying" with all their might to resist your will, and giving in and giving up when they inevitably fail? (Not much, according to us.) Let's talk all things about ways to play with playful resistance and really get a sense of what elements comprise good scenes. Oh, and also some spectacularly hot trance, if sleepingirl does say so herself.

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    How do you get the intensity of 20 minutes down to 60 seconds? What are the elements that make up a scene, and how do you take advantage of the quickness rather than have it be limiting? Let's break down hypnotic quickies and express our love for one of our favorite types of scenes.

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    Anchoring and Pavlovian Conditioning

    What is this "anchoring" thing that people are talking about, and how does it relate to erotic hypnosis? How can you set an anchor? How does this relate to or rely on classical or Pavlovian conditioning? Join us and find out as an unusually sober sleepingirl talks really fast for some reason about stuff she's super passionate about and cckitten tries to slow her down! (And happy 50th episode, Two Hyp Chicks!)

    The listener questions for this episode are: 1) Did you hear any examples of anchors during the trance in this podcast, and what were they? 2) What are some examples of anchoring that you use in hypnosis, or some that might be a fun idea to play with?

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    Intelligence Play and Bimbofication

    Intelligence play is an enormous topic, and one that hits buttons for so many people... including us. Making your partner dumber, giggly, and horny... And so much beyond that, with so much variety. sleepingirl has a hard time with this topic because it hits these buttons for her, so perhaps you can especially enjoy her embarrassment through the whole episode. But oh man, when we get to the trance portion... Well. You'll see.

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