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A hypnokink podcast: Join us -- sleepingirl and cckitten -- as we have a few drinks, talk shop on erotic hypnosis and kink, and do some trance in every episode! Learn something new, laugh along with us, get some valuable perspective and ideas... And hear for yourself what makes our play so hot. This content is 18+ and NSFW! Updates every other FRIDAY. Support us on Patreon to get access to sexy extra content like our more explicit After Hours trances at, and check out our merch at

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    Visualization and Visual Fixation

    Pocketwatches, spirals, fantastical images conjured up in the minds eye... This week, we take on another sense/modality and discuss all things visual. We talk about how to get creative, the different facets of what it means to BE visual (and what that means for your trancing), and much more.

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    Forgetting to Remember (Amnesia)

    Hypnotically induced amnesia is of huge interest to many of us -- the possibilities it offers for play, how to best elicit it, and how amazing it can feel if you or your partner has a sexy gap in their memory. We discuss our philosophies with it, give some tips and tricks, and demonstrate our twist on this phenomenon. Also, some hilarity ensues with two forgetful girls.

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    And How Does That Make You Feel?

    Emotions are a natural part of us people with human brains, and there is so much to do to take advantage of how we feel them and conceptualize them. We talk extensively about how you can use hypnosis to fuck with feelings to fuck with hypnosis, and discuss (and do!) the wonderful and terrible "forced happiness" / "happy trance" trope.

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    Hypnotically Enhanced Games

    1) We've been playing a lot of video games recently, and we're going to stream some fun hypnosis games! 2) Let's discuss what kinds of enhancements, alterations, and generally interesting and fun things you can do as someone playing a game (video or tabletop), and how to approach that thought process of brainstorming ideas! This applies to more than just games, too!

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    Playing with Gender

    Gender: an identity, a persona, a construct, a feeling, a sensation, and so much more. Playing with gender can be a really intense thing for a lot of people and it encompasses more than we might expect... and it can be so, so sexy. (The trance in this one is very special, and followed by an extra-long special sequel in the Patreon-exclusive After Hours.)

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    Auditory Triggers (And Other Things)

    Sound is a big part of what we do with hypnosis, even if you're not necessarily talking to your partner; it's a sense that can be engaged, something that can trigger or create powerful memories or experiences. Let's dig into a few ways we use our sense of hearing in trancey fun times.

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    Long Distance Hypnosis

    There's a world of difference in how you trance with someone when they're in the room with you versus over video, voice, or text. Let's explore some of the uniqueness of all of these methods and talk about some of the things you can do to connect with your partner over a distance.

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    For a lot of people, achieving some kind of hallucination in hypnosis can feel like a barrier, or a long-term goal: we talk about different kinds of hallucinations, how we're able to do the thing, and some ideas around things that make it easier, more intense, more versatile, and more fun.

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    Resistance is Futile

    What is sexier than someone "trying" with all their might to resist your will, and giving in and giving up when they inevitably fail? (Not much, according to us.) Let's talk all things about ways to play with playful resistance and really get a sense of what elements comprise good scenes. Oh, and also some spectacularly hot trance, if sleepingirl does say so herself.

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