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A hypnokink podcast: Join us -- sleepingirl and cckitten -- as we have a few drinks, talk shop on erotic hypnosis and kink, and do some trance in every episode! Learn something new, laugh along with us, get some valuable perspective and ideas... And hear for yourself what makes our play so hot. This content is 18+ and NSFW! Updates every other FRIDAY. Support us on Patreon to get access to sexy extra content like our more explicit After Hours trances at, and check out our merch at

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    Ericksonian Storytelling, Metaphor, and Allegory

    There are several concepts that are entangled in a certain corner of hypnosis -- metaphor, allegory, storytelling, framing, and stuff like transderivational searches. Let's talk about some of these and how they relate to play, including an excerpt from sleepingirl's upcoming book!

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    Utilization (a la Milton Erickson) is one of the MOST important concepts in hypnosis as a whole -- it allows us to build dynamic scenes and experiences and connect more powerfully with our partners. Learn about how this applies to hypnosis in general as well as to our play, and get some ideas about how to better incorporate it into yours!

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    Charmed 2019 Recap / Brainwashing Discussion Group Breakdown

    Another year, another Charmed. This year, we spend a little time recapping the con, as usual, but devote most of the episode to doing a thorough breakdown of the discussion group that we led, based on the notes that sleepingirl took during the class (linked in podcast notes). We talk about themes of what we heard from different perspectives, our thoughts on some of the ideas that were presented, and some reworking and rewording that we'd like to do that better get our points across. If you want to skip right to that, it's around the 28 minute mark!

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    Praise and Hypnosis

    Praise is not only a healthy thing between partners, it's a useful tool for improving your hypnosis as well as a kink in and of itself! We dig deep into this form of positive reinforcement and explore what makes giving praise so effective and good, including exploring the hows, whys, and whens! (And announcement: WE HAVE MERCH NOW!)

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    Visualization and Visual Fixation

    Pocketwatches, spirals, fantastical images conjured up in the minds eye... This week, we take on another sense/modality and discuss all things visual. We talk about how to get creative, the different facets of what it means to BE visual (and what that means for your trancing), and much more.

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    Forgetting to Remember (Amnesia)

    Hypnotically induced amnesia is of huge interest to many of us -- the possibilities it offers for play, how to best elicit it, and how amazing it can feel if you or your partner has a sexy gap in their memory. We discuss our philosophies with it, give some tips and tricks, and demonstrate our twist on this phenomenon. Also, some hilarity ensues with two forgetful girls.

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    And How Does That Make You Feel?

    Emotions are a natural part of us people with human brains, and there is so much to do to take advantage of how we feel them and conceptualize them. We talk extensively about how you can use hypnosis to fuck with feelings to fuck with hypnosis, and discuss (and do!) the wonderful and terrible "forced happiness" / "happy trance" trope.

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    Hypnotically Enhanced Games

    1) We've been playing a lot of video games recently, and we're going to stream some fun hypnosis games! 2) Let's discuss what kinds of enhancements, alterations, and generally interesting and fun things you can do as someone playing a game (video or tabletop), and how to approach that thought process of brainstorming ideas! This applies to more than just games, too!

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    Playing with Gender

    Gender: an identity, a persona, a construct, a feeling, a sensation, and so much more. Playing with gender can be a really intense thing for a lot of people and it encompasses more than we might expect... and it can be so, so sexy. (The trance in this one is very special, and followed by an extra-long special sequel in the Patreon-exclusive After Hours.)

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    Auditory Triggers (And Other Things)

    Sound is a big part of what we do with hypnosis, even if you're not necessarily talking to your partner; it's a sense that can be engaged, something that can trigger or create powerful memories or experiences. Let's dig into a few ways we use our sense of hearing in trancey fun times.

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    Long Distance Hypnosis

    There's a world of difference in how you trance with someone when they're in the room with you versus over video, voice, or text. Let's explore some of the uniqueness of all of these methods and talk about some of the things you can do to connect with your partner over a distance.

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    For a lot of people, achieving some kind of hallucination in hypnosis can feel like a barrier, or a long-term goal: we talk about different kinds of hallucinations, how we're able to do the thing, and some ideas around things that make it easier, more intense, more versatile, and more fun.

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    Resistance is Futile

    What is sexier than someone "trying" with all their might to resist your will, and giving in and giving up when they inevitably fail? (Not much, according to us.) Let's talk all things about ways to play with playful resistance and really get a sense of what elements comprise good scenes. Oh, and also some spectacularly hot trance, if sleepingirl does say so herself.

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    How do you get the intensity of 20 minutes down to 60 seconds? What are the elements that make up a scene, and how do you take advantage of the quickness rather than have it be limiting? Let's break down hypnotic quickies and express our love for one of our favorite types of scenes.

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    Anchoring and Pavlovian Conditioning

    What is this "anchoring" thing that people are talking about, and how does it relate to erotic hypnosis? How can you set an anchor? How does this relate to or rely on classical or Pavlovian conditioning? Join us and find out as an unusually sober sleepingirl talks really fast for some reason about stuff she's super passionate about and cckitten tries to slow her down! (And happy 50th episode, Two Hyp Chicks!)

    The listener questions for this episode are: 1) Did you hear any examples of anchors during the trance in this podcast, and what were they? 2) What are some examples of anchoring that you use in hypnosis, or some that might be a fun idea to play with?

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    Intelligence Play and Bimbofication

    Intelligence play is an enormous topic, and one that hits buttons for so many people... including us. Making your partner dumber, giggly, and horny... And so much beyond that, with so much variety. sleepingirl has a hard time with this topic because it hits these buttons for her, so perhaps you can especially enjoy her embarrassment through the whole episode. But oh man, when we get to the trance portion... Well. You'll see.

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    Objectification is a really big part of our relationship... Good friend GleefulAbandon suggested we do this topic and so we dive right in, discussing different types, mindsets, ways to make hot things hotter, and trying to dig into what makes being less-than-human so interesting.

    (This episode contains a paid advertisement!)

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    How To Let Go

    We got a really interesting question from someone on the topic of really being able to let go into hypnosis, into a scene, surrendering when certain things pop you out... You know us, we had some thoughts and great conversations about the nature of it all and some perspective on what we do to facilitate it.

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    NEEHU9 Recap

    NEEHU 9 was last weekend so you know what that means! We had an amazing time and we'd love to share some of our experiences with you, stuff we learned, hot shit that we did. Another year down. We miss you NEEHU!

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    Blank and Mindless

    "Blank and mindless..." The holy grail, the final frontier. Well, at the very least it's a super sexy thing for a lot of people, whether it's a goal, an expectation, or just a really nice idea to have your brain switched off for a while. We talk about how it works for us, why it's important to let go of expectations around it, and some really helpful tricks that we use to simulate that feeling more reliably. (Particularly some great breakthrough stuff in the trance segment!)

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    Hypnotic Orgasms

    Are we doing it?!? Now?!? Right here??? Yup. Let's talk about all sorts of orgasms and orgasmic experiences involving hypnosis, demystifying, talking perspective, how we get there, and more. And let's not forget about the trance at the end, shall we...

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    Self Hypnosis, Meditation, and Other Things

    sleepingirl is finally exploring self hypnosis, and cc is good at playing with her own head. What do these things have in common? Well, they're awesome, and they both are things that help us have intense experiences when we do hypnosis together. Having experiences with yourself is not only interesting and useful but also very fun in and of itself.

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    Charmed Recap (2018)

    After Charmed this past weekend we do our recap, full of sexy stories of our play, some scenes with others, funny stories about goings-on, descriptions of a few classes, and discussion of ours.

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    Improving as Subjects and Hypnotists

    I was asked a very interesting and intelligent question: "What does it mean to you to get 'better' as a hypnotist?" We explore that not only from the hypnotist side but also extensive conversation about things we've learned as subjects along the way.

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    Compel, Coerce, Persuade

    So many of us have fantasies of being compelled to do things by a person or force greater than ourselves... We explore those fantasies, what makes a compulsion, and how to use hypnosis to create and enhance those experiences.

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    Humiliation, embarrassment, degradation. Three very powerful words and concepts, especially in kinky and hypnotic play. Let's talk about what these words can mean for us, and how we play with these concepts. It might not be in the way you expect...

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    Waking Trance

    Like that zombified look of a subject walking around and doing your bidding? We do too! Let's talk "waking trance" (whatever the hell that means) and give some super hot ideas and examples from our recent play. The trance in this episode is kind of experimental and really interesting!

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    A topic we've been wanting to do for a long time... Let's talk dolls of all things, origins, types of dolls, what flavors of dollplay we like, how we do it... For yet ANOTHER long episode. I will say this: The trance at the end of this one is nearly 20 minutes. cckitten is spoiled, and so are you, listeners!

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    Halloween Trick or Trance SPECIAL

    Getting into the spirit of the season, we've got another extra long episode for you today, talking about all things hypnotically Halloween-themed and really having a good time with it. Spookiness, childhood magic, ghosts and ghouls and monsters and vampires and more... Well, some hilarity and just great conversation. And of course a trancey Halloween treat at the end, as usual ;) This was one of my favorite episodes to record in a while; I hope you enjoy it.

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    Nonverbal Hypnosis (And Other Topics) SPECIAL feat. Justice_Itself and LittleZR

    Our friend Justice_Itself is BACK and this time he brought his partner in crime, LittleZR! These two are hilarious and intelligent and we took the opportunity to talk about nonverbal hypnosis, kinesthetic stuff, and really let ourselves go on tangents about our hypnotic experiences, because their perspective is awesome and we love talking to them. Enjoy the best of the banter and learn something along the way in this extra long special episode!

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    Hypnosis with Control and D/s

    Everyone has their own flavor of hypnosis when they play or teach, and in today's episode we talk about how we bring our unique brand of control and dominance to our trances. Heads up: we're pretty fucking out of it in this one, but I think that what I fail to explain in words I make up for in demonstrating in the trance at the end.

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    Submodalities and Synesthesia

    In which we define and play with the concepts of Modalities 102: engaging more of the mind and fucking with the senses. This episode takes a slightly different format as we are doing hypnotic experiments and play throughout for discussion instead of waiting for the end.

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    Gettin' in the Mood

    In which we were just so burnt out by life we decided to have a conversation about what we do to motivate ourselves to play and do hypnosis when it feels like the last thing on our minds.

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    BDSM and Hypnosis: Impact Play and Subspace

    In which we use a topic suggested by a lovely friend, Fay Creature, and botch it a bit... by which I mean we can't stop talking about impact play and S&M and how well it works with hypnosis! We do a lot of mixing hypnosis and BDSM so this is something we could, apparently, talk about forever. There will certainly be more in the series of "BDSM and Hypnosis"

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    In which we talk about mantras: what makes them hot, what can be some common pitfalls that make them less fun, and different ways they can be used (of course with our trance "demonstration" at the end).

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    Drugging Play Demos -- Video Anniversary Special (See YouTube Link)

    In which we nearly exhaust ourselves doing demonstration after demonstration of hypnotic "drugging" play, ON VIDEO, to celebrate our podcast anniversary! Happy birthday, Two Hyp Chicks! We're kind of sloppy drunk in this one... Whoops :)

    Find the video at on our YouTube channel; you CAN listen to it without the video but I really recommend watching it instead~

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    Fantasy Versus Reality

    In which we discuss the overall concept of how fantasies compare with reality in a crazy world like ours, and talk more in depth about some specific exciting moments for us where reality met with fantasy, as well as challenges of coming to terms with when it doesn't!

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    Brainwashing Brainstorming

    In which we discuss how "real" brainwashing differs from relationship to relationship and go in depth about what makes cc "brainwashed", and we discuss where to go from here. This is the guide referenced that sleepingirl wrote:

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    Hypnotic Toys and Props

    In which we discuss various sexy tools of the trade and fun toys to use in hypnotic play! And our perspective on why we do (or don't!) use them!

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    Our good friend @diaryofasnowflake suggested that we do this topic! What IS depth? Is it meaningless? Is it somehow relevant? cc and I discuss and trance based on the concept of "going deeper" :) ZanyM kindly bought us a shot for this episode, so you know it will be good: thank you so much!

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    dommestic approached me on Tumblr and mentioned that we should do a podcast on fractionation, and we thought it was a fabulous idea, so here we go! We discuss what fractionation is, ways to use it, and some fun things we have done with it specifically!

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    Sexy Sex Hypnosis: Pleasure and Trance

    We've been doing a lot of trance with pleasure and sex in it recently... So we decided to talk about that! How we do it ourselves, maybe some ideas for you guys to play with later. And, let's face it, some extra hot shit at the end. Spoilers.

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    Where to Start? Advice for New People SPECIAL! Feat. JUSTICE

    In which we have a dear friend of mine who is on the newer side himself on to roundtable a discussion on beginner resources, advice we have for new people, and just generally chat on how to really get started in the wild world of hypnosis. "Justice" (Javert_Himself in other places online) is an extremely intelligent person with a lot of great things to say. And, you know us.

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    Post-NEEHU Hot Shit Talk

    In which we just got home from NEEHU 8 (New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference), are completely exhausted, but can't go to bed yet because we have to tell you guys about all the hot stuff we got up to at the con. Expect craziness. Expect impromptu trance. We miss you, NEEHU :)

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    Behind the Scenes

    In which we get a little extra drunk and decide to do this one fast and loose: we talk a little about our process with these podcasts but mostly just whatever comes to mind. Made for a very fun, very sweary evening ;)

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    Valentine's Day Special - On Love and Romance in Hypnosis

    In which we are celebrating Valentine’s Day together and we discuss what romance means, how we incorporate it into our relationship, and ways to deepen that bond with hypnosis.

    The trance in this one is very special.

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    In which we discuss our thoughts and feelings on petplay: how we do it, how we don't, and how maybe we should do more of it in the future... Expect some meowing in this one ;)

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    Featuring our great friend ZanyM who teaches a "Use the Force" hypnotic breathplay class, we geek out about Star Wars and discuss ways to kink it up and origins from our past.

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    Safety Trance

    In which we discuss a question posed in a post on tumblr about how subjects can truly know and feel for themselves that they are safe during a hypnotic scene. I read the post in its entirety on the podcast.

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    How to Prepare for Trance

    In which we discuss whether or not hypnosis takes any mental preparations, and discuss what some of that might be, from both the top and the bottom.

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    In which we discuss the concept of "first experiences": some of ours, and ponder on whether or not those experiences are important.

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    Mind Control vs Erotic Hypnosis

    In which we allow ourselves to get a little silly and chat casually about the differences between our definitions and experiences with "mind control" versus "erotic hypnosis" (and sleepingirl attempts to not cough too much).

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    Preparing for a Con(vention)

    Inspired by a discussion on tumblr as we anticipate con season, in which we talk on the topic of public conventions and conferences, and what we do (and recommend that others do) to prepare for them.

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    What Does Trance Feel Like?

    In which we ask ourselves the question... What does it feel like when we go into trance? And a little experimenting to find out!

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    Hypnotic Fear(play)

    In which we are inspired by a dear friend to talk about our experiences and thoughts on hypnotic fearplay... and to give cc the chance to go through some on air.

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    In which we discuss what modalities are and what they mean to us! This episode is a little longer than usual so we can banter a bit more :)

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    In which we discuss the origins of our perversions... from very different backgrounds!

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    Drinking and Hypnosis

    In which we drunkenly discuss drinking in the context of trance... and do some trance in the context of drinking :) Enjoy! I especially loved this trance. Sorry about the tease at the end...

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    The Pilot

    sleepingirl has been under the weather all week so we decided we'd release our "pilot" episode! cc starts this off by asking how on earth us hypnofetishists all categorize the themes of the things we do, and it just spirals out (heh) from there!

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    Induction Chatter

    In which we chat about what types of things we put in inductions / language we do and enjoy, and sleepingirl blathers on about a little of her theories! We’ll have to organize this into a slightly more focused chat at some point because I fucking love to talk this shit to death.

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    Rope and Hypnosis

    In which we mostly talk about rope and other kinky things we do with hypnosis!

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    Brainwashing Part 1

    Original airdate 7/29/16. Where we talk more about our favorite thing: brainwashing!

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    Episode 1

    The original, the first, where it all started.

    Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some hot trance? Of course you do! Join us for our podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! This content is 18+ and NSFW!

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